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Michael M

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My name is Michael MOET, I'm an artist originating from Virginia. My fascination with tattooing and the industry started in my teens watching the TV show Miami ink. Since then I have spent the last fifteen years honing and sharpening my skills to become the absolute best artist I could be. I've spent countless hours mastering various styles including but not limited to; black and grey realism , micro realism, color realism , stipple and fine line work , neo trad ,cover ups , as well as surrealism. I prefer to work on ongoing projects such as sleeves, leg sleeves, chest panels, and back pieces. But am also open to smaller individual pieces as well. I only do original designs and do not "copy and paste" designs from Pinterest. However I will take your designs and recreate/customize them to create and original work of art specific to you as an individual. I look forward creating something special with you that lasts a lifetime.

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