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The true goal is to bring your dreams to life and make them reality. We listen to your story and strive to create a superior tattoo with unique artwork that will be authentic to your wishes. Express your passions and make them everlasting.

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We believe in beautiful, professional, and super clean tattooing. Everlasting Expressions Tattoo wants you to feel comfortable in knowing that you are getting the highest quality service and the highest quality artwork. Drop us an email and we would love to chat!



Here are a few tidbits of information for you before you decide to get tattooed.

  • How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?
    You must be 18 years or older. No person under 18 years of age may be tattooed except by a physician in the course of the physician's professional practice, as permitted under s. 948.70 (3), Stats.
  • Should I get drunk before my tattoo?
    No. Ugh. Please don't. Beyond the fact that it will annoy to your artist...alchohol thins your blood and can reduce your blood’s ability to clot. Excess bleeding doesn’t only affect visibility while tattooing, but because of it, you can end up with a completely trashed tattoo. A tattooist or body piercer may not tattoo or body pierce any of the following: 1. A person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or a mind-altering drug. SPS 221.10(1)(c)
  • How do I choose my tattoo?
    There are many ways you can choose your tattoo. 1. Chat with your artist and ask for ideas. Sometimes things that you are passionate about can be a good inspiration. 2. Have a drawing made by you or a friend 3. Check Pintrest for ideas. We don't like to rip off other artist's work but we can always get inspiration from them.
  • How much do tattoos cost?
    Well, it all depends. You will firstly need to contact your artist and tell them what you are thinking of doing. If it is a large detailed peice it is going to cost more than something small and simple. Drop us a line and let us know what you are thinking of and we can get you an estimate!


• After your tattoo session, your artist will have cleaned your tattoo and applied a layer of after-care, as well as a bandage.


• The bandage should remain on for a minimum of 3 hrs depending of the longevity and trauma of the tattoo. If possible leave the bandage on for the remainder of the day and night and remove the next morning.


• Before removing the bandage make sure you wash your hands well with hot water and (non scented antibacterial soap).


• Once the bandage is removed, with warm water and (non scented soap) wash the tattoo and (surrounding area) do not use a wash cloth or loofa! With your hands gently lather the area and remove all plasmas, blood or any remaining after care.


• Once the tattoo and surrounding area are clean, pat dry with a clean paper towel.


• Once dry, allow the tattoo to air dry for 5 to 10 min.


• Apply a (THIN) layer of AUQUAPHOR to the new tattoo area and rub in thoroughly.


• Allow the tattoo to rest for ten more min and pat off any access after care or plasma.


• Once your new tattoo seems a little dry or you notice some plasma, its time to wash your tattoo and repeat the steps. Normally only two or three times a day, there is no need to over care for the tattoo. Less is more.



• With color pieces you will experience more plasma as the swelling goes down.


• With color you will also experience more flaking as it heals, this is due to more of the skin being traumatized.


• Flaking normally begins around day 3 to 5, this is normal. Continue to clean and apply after care as normal.


• If any scabbing does occur, DO NOT Pick!


• Do NOT SUBMERGE tattoo in any water, bath tub, hot tub, lake etc. it is ok to wash your tattoo but do not soak or submerge.


• Once peeling or flaking is over, continue the same steps replacing the AQUAPHORE with NON SCENTED LOTION.


• Do NOT re-bandage your tattoo.


• Cover your tattoo with a sleeve etc is ok.


• Keep tattoo out of sunlight and dirty environments throughout the healing process as best as possible.


• DO NOT get spray tans with a new tattoo


• DO NOT apply a different aftercare your cousin said works the best. STICK TO THESE INSTRUCTIONS.


• Lower extremities of the body may swell more, possibly bruise as well, as goes for any area, also you may experience fluid buildup near joints and other areas. Not to be concerned


• Redness and swelling is normal some bruising and fluid build up the tattoo will be soar for few days


• When to contact your artist, if your tattoo remains super painful through to the next day, the tattoo continues to radiate heat and not calm down. The redness is not calming down and it just feels super irritated.


• When to see a doctor, if you notice redness with a white ring and redness again, if you notice redness traveling outside the irritated area at all, dishcharge of puss or plasma.


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