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Hello! My name is Sarah Rahm (a.k.a. Stabby Sarah) I’ve been a tattoo apprentice for a little over a year now and am excited to continue to hone my craft.  I started my journey as a tattoo apprentice after working as a freelance artist for a number of years. I’ve loved pursuing multiple mediums and have always had a strong foundation and desire to develop my personal artistry. I quickly fell in love with the challenges and impactful nature of tattoo art. There is such a unique honor in being able to cultivate the vision of someone’s sense of self. 


I’m especially fond of tattooing things with vivid color, and want to specialize in illustrative and neo traditional styles. Some subjects that particularly spark my interest are animals ,  plants and things of nature but I am very open to a wide variety of projects. 

Let’s make your vision a reality!

Drop her a line at her email below to get a quote or a consultation time!

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