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Michael Sizemore

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Michael was drawn to tattooing at a young age and was motivated to be a part of the industry right away. All of his life he has loved art and everything to do with it. His parents always positively influenced him to be creative. So once he started getting tattooed, getting into the industry and meeting such amazing artists he just wanted to be a part of it. So, he surrounded himself with art and the people living the same way. He figured he could do what he loved and build a career around it. And beyond that he could create wonderful art for other people to make them happy and express themselves. His favorite part of tattooing, is still, to work side by side with other awesome people no matter the experience, no matter the medium and just positively motivate each other to create awesome art! He truly believes that is a huge part of the tattoo industry. To be able to learn so much from one another is a spectacular gift!

Drop him a line at his email below to get a quote or a consultation time!

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